Can I Get Reader’s Attention?

One of writer’s eternal question is; can I get reader’s attention? We work hard on our manuscripts, go through the pain of editing, designing a cover, plan for the marketing, write our press releases, design our websites and blogs, send out e-mails, visit blogs and contact local newspapers, write articles, give out business cards, bookmarks, posters, arrange book signings, should I go on? All we want to do is to get reader’s attention for our books.

We just need the right formula, know our readers and give them what they want, right? But what do they want? That’s what we need to ask ourselves before we even write the book. According to our interests and what we know to write about, we need to know what it is our book will offer the reader, what’s in it for them. Then we need to know where they are and let them know we have what they are looking for, our book.

I’ve done a lot of what I mentioned here and continue to create and recreate my marketing efforts for Simplicity – Richness of Life. I believe it has a timeless message about learning to live the way God intended it, simple.

Yesterday I was watching Oprah’s episode My Baby or My Job, I listened carefully at how women were choosing different paths in their lives in order to provide financial and motherly support the best way they could. My heart went out to those who didn’t have a choice to stay at home if they wanted to. Others were stay-at-home but they completely forgot about themselves, they lived for others and when they were all gone they were lost. That was something I analyzed eight years ago and decided to make adjustments in my life in order to get control of it. I wrote everything on my journal and part of that journal became the book.

Right now I’m at the threshold of more changes and I need to stop and analyze one more time, it is my way to stay connected to me, not to lose sight of what makes me who I am and what makes my life complete. If I am out of loop I might as well not be there, because I’m going to be miserable in the process.

You can find out more about my book with my slide show, I’m not sure if it will get reader’s attention the way book trailers does but I prefer reading. I would love to know what readers think of it and if it is something we can continue using in our promotions.

See the Slide Show Here

We had a demonstration of book trailers earlier this week, now you have a different medium. If readers share their thoughts with authors it would simply our marketing efforts, all we want is to serve you and to find ways to show us our work. Would you tell us what you like to see?

Clary Lopez


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8 responses to “Can I Get Reader’s Attention?

  1. jaterry

    But what do they want? That’s what we need to ask ourselves before we even write the book.

    While I understand the premise of what you’re saying here, I just can’t adapt to this way of writing. Because first and foremost, I write for myself. If it attracts the attention of readers, then all the better, but I can’t imagine writing a book based on what I think the readers want. It just doesn’t work that way for me!

    I know several writers who felt the same, but got so caught up in the business end of writing, adapted to this way of thinking, got frustrated and simply gave up, because somewhere along the line they lost sight of why they started writing in the first place. And that to me, is a horrible waste of talent.

  2. I’m definetly not defining my writing according to someone else.


    “According to our interests and what we know to write about, we need to know what it is our book will offer the reader, what’s in it for them.”

    I can’t develop something against my interests and belief, to me it will be dishonest to write just to make money. As a writer I long to connect to readers, and I want to hear what they would like to see authors do to promote their books.

    I’m really curious about their take on book trailers, slide shows, etc. and if it is something that impels them to check the books or buy them.

  3. jaterry

    Write on, Sister!

  4. Writing is seduction. It can’t be forced or faked, unless the reader is already willing or the writing is flawless. Since we’re none of us flawless, we have to woo our readers, take their feelings to heart, and listen as much as we speak. We need to look them in the eye and tell a lot of truth. Some readers are out of our league. Others don’t interest us; they’re not “our type.” Sure, we write for ourselves. And yes, we want to be appreciated on our own terms. But those terms are a range of terms, and we don’t satisfy all the terms for every reader, or with everything we write. Sometimes we just want a return phone call. Did you read this comment all the way through? I kept your attention. Was it all pure davidbdale? Some of it was. Call me?

  5. Estoy intentando aprender hablar y escribir espanol. I need help from anyone who can help me develop a course called “Spanish for the Workplace” for my local Literacy Volunteer organization. This seems like the right place to ask. Gracias.

  6. Interesting discussion…we must define our audience…but at the same time not close ourselves off to other audiences that may be out there. Ultimately I think we end up chasing our own tales if we try to “tailor” something too much to one particular audience. Sometimes we just have to hope and pray someone somewhere will connect with what we have written.

  7. I understand the need to ‘write for yourself’ – after all, writing is a form of self-expression. But if no one reads what you’ve written, are you really a writer or just someone who keeps a diary? 🙂

    For me, someone needs to read your work for you to truly call yourself a writer, so part of your job is to make sure that what you write satisfies the needs of a certain ‘market’ (horrible word, I know). In commercial publishing this is made very clear by the way publishers buy and then market or advertise their ‘product’ – usually by genre: mystery, romance, adventure, body/mind/spirit. If nothing else, the book stores need to know which shelves to put your books on!

    If you don’t care to buy in to how this publishing world works, then fine. And many of us who have turned to POD have been forced into this position. But you’ll still need to find a way of getting your books in front of readers and persuading them to buy.

    The truth of this came home to me many years ago. We had an old family friend, a Ukrainian, who had come to the UK after the war and made a life for himself. But secretly he wanted to be a writer, and so wrote a long series of books set in Atlantis. He kept the manuscripts in his shed, covering the floor in piles of slowly rotting paper. I asked him what he’d done to get published, and he gave me a knowing smile. ‘When the time is ready, they will come to me,’ he said.

    Well, he died some years ago, still waiting for ‘them’ to arrive.

  8. “I’m not sure who your audience should be, but I don’t think you’ll get far just writing for yourself. It can start there, but it has to grow bigger.” -Natalie Goldberg from Thunder and Lighting.

    Natalie is one of my favorite writers and she shares her pearls of wisdom with this comment when she taught a writing class. The art of writing is a fine combination of our writing passions and the reader’s wants and desires in a book. If we manage to create a book like that, we wil be succesful.

    Clary Lopez, from The Book’s Den

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