Are Readers Following Book Trailers?

Book trailers are popping up everywhere and with this new technology at our fingertips I just wonder if readers are following book trailers? How effective is the medium to connect to book lovers? I know I’ve seen a few and wanted to buy one of the books I saw but I failed to write down the website address and now I can even find the book trailer again.

We had a great display of book trailers here a few days ago, check them out if you didn’t see it.

I would love to hear from readers if this is something useful for authors to utilize in their promotions. To me personally, I don’t like to see the faces of the characters on the promotions, it spoils the excitement to create them in my mind as I read the book. What is your take on this? There are people who go through great lengths to make it look like a movie when in reality I’ve been disappointed more than once when a book is made into a movie.

I prefer a slideshow with captions and background music, I think it goes right with what readers are attracted to. I even thought of Power Point presentations because if offers the viewer the opportunity to click on links and be taken to the author’s page.

You can see the slideshow I made for my book here.

To tell you the truth I don’t know where all of this is going, but I hope we find a way to connect with our audience and impress them with our presentation.

Author’s mind wants to know, could you share your thoughts?

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