Finding Your Next Book Club Selection

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A new year and a new search for a book that will transport you to places which you would like to be at. When a book club starts looking for books they sometimes look through their own bookshelves in order to find one that touched them in some way. Others go to the library and speak to librarians to find new or old books that they might not know about. The bookstore’s bestselling section is another good place to find great books and now some of them have the “selection of the month” to help book clubs on their search.

Thanks to technology you can now do a lot of the searching online and find reviews, suggestions and learn about new books and new authors. I would say that you can find a lot more online than you do at your local bookstore, there is a lot of uncovered talent in this realm. The Book’s Den intention is to let readers know about new books they might not know about, because the only way to get the books is through a small or independent publisher.

If you would like to select a book in which you can have direct access to the author, you found the right place. You can look through our bookshelf and select a book, then during or after your reading you can contact the author and get some valuable suggestions, insights and who knows maybe a personal visit from them. If you are too far away chat sessions will be a good alternative as well.

This is a new way of connecting books, readers and authors; take advantage of it and let us know what your plans are as you create your book club list.

How would you like to be the first book club who has their own “Meet the Author Night”?

You can do it with The Book’s Den.


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