New Year Resolutions

It was almost a year ago when I was publishing my first Press Release for my book Simplicity – Richness of Life, I never thought time will pass this fast. The headline was Giving Up On Your New Resolution? and I posted it on February 15th, by that time most people have tried to begin to make some changes in their life after the New Year and started thinking twice about it.

It is a New Year again and it is time to not only look back at what we accomplished but also at what we didn’t. Isn’t it wonderful that we get second chances and that we can learn from our mistakes?


I’m reading my book again and reminding myself of what it is has helped be where I am today and to evaluate where I want to be tomorrow. You might ask why would I do that, well my book was part of my journal for a while and after writing in it for a period of couple of years I extracted the best of a period in my life in which I desperately needed to get control of it. My friends and acquaintances asked me many times how I could do so much and still be relaxed, and it was because I learned to focus on the things that really matter in my life and was not afraid to say no to the ones that would keep me from them.

Dreaming Once More is the chapter I’m reading now, most of all because I want to get to what I believe I should aspire to in order to achieve something great. We are capable to achieve great things but only if we first dream it, believe it and then act upon it.

What kind of things do you do during the New Year? Do you sit down a write down your dreams and goals? Do you dwell on the good or the bad experiences of the previous year? Do you look with optimism to the future?

I try to forget the bad, hope for the best and keep dreaming that it will be a reality even though it doesn’t look that way right now. Happy New Year!

Clary Lopez

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