Jamie Beckett – Burritos and Gasoline

Small Cover 1Burritos and Gasoline (ISBN 978-0-595-40912-9) is available through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and where ever fine books are sold.

Jamie Beckett didn’t set out to be a writer. Rather, he set out to be a musician. A career path that he pursued with great zeal for many more years than most adults would consider prudent. Eventually he switched gears and discovered a  perfectly happy life for himself, working as a commercial pilot.

But after years of living a creative life, Jamie learned firsthand that writing isn’t something one simply walks away from on a whim. And so it was that Jamie found himself writing for an ever expanding number of avation magazines. That hobby led to a weekly newspaper column, which ultimately created a new career as a full time writer. Along the way the old career took a professional back seat.

Jamie continues to write a weekly newspaper column while he develops his second novel, Sullivan’s Grove.

For more information, go to Jamie’s web site at: http://jamiebeckett.com

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