Simplicity Comes From Within

Simplicity is not a lack of material things or comforts.  It’s a decision on your part to find a purpose in your life and to follow it.  Guarding what you chose to do or not according to that purpose is essential.  Avoiding unnecessary distractions and organizing your life in a way that allows you to do away with irrelevant material possessions that stand in your way to achieve that purpose is also important.  I am sure that when you start exercising these principles you will unburden your life.

Having a purpose and guarding it will be your constant fight.  Simplicity is not something you do once and you are done with it.  As you live, you must continuously adjust your ways, evaluate your needs and do away with the unnecessary in your life.  It’s a constant balancing of “wants” and “needs” and the elimination of things or activities that distract you from reaching your ultimate purpose.  You will have to decide what to do on a regular basis by evaluating its importance.  If you go with the flow and try to fit everything into your schedule, you will be on square one again.  Once things, activities or relationships are eliminated, keep them that way.  Remember what didn’t work and keep them in mind when you are about to acquire more.

Simplicity is something that comes from within and it’s manifested in the outside.  You’ll let people and things come into your life in order to fulfill your purpose in life, and you look for ways to improve your relationship with God and others in order to live a better life. 



Clary Lopez author of Simplicity – Richness of Life (Angel Publishing) is available at

Simplicity - Richness of Life book cover



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