Meet the Author events

Here’s a little tidbit worth sharing with fellow authors. In December, falling prey to the spirit of the season, I donated 14 copies of my freshman novel, “Burritos and Gasoline” to the library cooperative in my county. This small and arguably self-serving gift will allow each library in my home county to stock a copy of my novel. A fact that tickles me to no end.

As any promotionally minded writer might, I generated and distributed a press release detailing the donation – which much to my delight, ran regionally in print and on the radio. But the really good news came in the aftermath of that small spotlight on my title.

One library contacted me the next week via e-mail to thank me for the gift. In the course of that note they inquired as to whether I might be interested if they were to host a Meet the Author event that would feature my book. Well, of course I would. And so it’s scheduled for Thursday February 22nd at 2:00PM in the community room of the Public Library located in Winter Haven, Florida.

The logical next step would be to contact the other 13 libraries that keep my novel in their collection to offer to do the same thing with them. Which I suspect I will do in the coming days.

Certainly it will still be incumbent upon me to promote any upcoming appearance. But the book signing in and of itself is a newsworthy event that will garner at least some local media attention. The upshot of which will be (hopefully) a brief increase in sales and a permanent increase, albeit a small one, in name recognition for this first time author.

What a wonderful way to start off a new year.

Jamie Beckett

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  1. Hey, the library idea is great! I think I donated two copies of my new novel to the library around the corner, but forgot to put any contact info with it (doh!). This is inspires me to do it again right! And follow up! Thanks!

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