I can’t help myself …

… but I have to write!

I started when I was about 14, writing ‘scripts’ for TV shows in the vain hope that someone would see them and commission me (not that I knew what ‘commission’ meant in those days).

I wrote short stories, bad novels, TV plays, stage plays … anything to put words on paper. Then I did a degree in Creative Arts that included Drama and Writing, and that put me into the academic rat race for a few years. I started doing more talking about writing than actual writing, which was a Bad Thing.

So a few years ago I started writing prose again. I’d been reading mostly American crime novels – Elmore Leonard, Robert Crais, James Lee Burke, the list is endless – so I decided to write that kind of novel, but in a British setting. Most English crime writing is either police procedural stuff or amateur detective, and I wanted to write about a noir-ish Private Eye. The result is Altered Life, available through Lulu.com or Amazon. I’m now half-way through the second one in the series starring my detective, Sam Dyke. It’s a tough life, but I enjoy it!

Keith Dixon
Altered LifeAltered Life

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