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This is the first issue of The Book’s Den Newletter, the newsletter that provides readers will the latest news, articles, and books from our growing list of authors. You can read about books ust about anywhere, but here you can also get to know the authors.

Visit us frequently and read their posts, news, announcement, participate in contests and provide reviews for consideration on future book printing issues. This is just the beginning of a growing trend of authors who actively promote their work and at the same time stay in touch with their readers.

Feel free to comment on the blog and tell your friends about it.

Clary Lopez, The Book’s Den

What’s New at The Book’s Den

Ongoing news of new books, articles, interviews, contests, reviews and presentations by our contributor authors.

Meet the Authors

The Book’s Den is composed of authors; they are the contributors and developers of this blog.

Marilyn Meredith Marilyn Meredith
Linda Fox Linda Fox
Keith Dixon Keith Dixon
Jill J.A. Terry
Jamie Beckett Jamie Beckett
Clary LopezClary Lopez


Internally Love Shines Internally Love Shines by Linda Fox
Jamie Beckett Burritos and Gasoline by Jamie Beckett
book Portraits in the Dark by Nancy O. Greene
simplicity Simplicity – Richness of Life by Clary Lopez
MarilynThe Choice by Marilyn Meredith
Full Circle Full Circle by J.A. Terry
Altered LifeAltered Life by Keith Dixon

Find out more about the books by going to the Blog Contributors list and visiting the author’s website.

Book Talk

On this section authors speak about their books, what inspired it and the possible questions that a book club can use.

Book Title:

(Author entry:)

Author Tracking

List of authors and where they are scheduled to appear

We Hear You

What our readers say about The Book’s Den blog and newsletter. Send us your comments and suggestions. Subject: The Book’s Den Sponsor

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One response to “The Book’s Den Newsletter

  1. Hey, this looks great! How can I become a contributor?

    I’m really impressed with this, Clary. I’m totally won over now by the whole idea of blogging (as you can tell from my own blog, which I plan to keep very active).

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