Moving Forward With a New Book

During the holidays it’s difficult to keep to a regular writing schedule. I know that some writers do it, but I’ve had problems this year. I’m working on a new Deputy Tempe Crabtree book. For those who don’t know this series, my heroine is a Native American resident deputy in a mountian community called Bear Creek and she’s married to the pastor of the community church. In order to keep Bear Creek for resembling Cabot Cove, Tempe is moving going to be helping a detective with a suspicious death in a nearby city.

I’ve got my murder victim and several possible suspects. I’m in the middle of the fourth chapter. I’ve taken the first two chapters to my critique group who have given me some good criticism and ideas. Instead of writing, I’ve managed to find many other things to do, some Christmas related, some not.

Because I’m still promoting the last book in the series, Calling the Dead, I’ve done some promoting chores for it and another one of my books that came out this year. Though I always profess to love the writing far more than the promoting, it’s amazing how often I manage to do promoting rather than writing.

Now, I suppose you expect me to give you an amazing cure for this procrastination, but I’m afraid I must disappoint. What I’m going to try is clear my desk tonight, so first thing in the morning I can open the file in Word that contains my newest book. I left in the middle of a scene which should make it easy to pick up where I left off without wondering what to write next.

The only advice I have to give myself, is to do exactly that, start writing.


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